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Casting Call For Children of Different Nationalities Between the Ages of 1 – 13 Years Old to Become Animated Characters!

MANDALAY SHORES, CA: If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre you will love Nanci Nickelson’s fantasy world Startheria™. Learn more go to

The Magical World of Startheria™ an upcoming animated Web/TV series is having a  casting call and searching for four children that will represent children of different nationalities, between the ages of 1 – 14 years old, whose likeness will become animated characters in this new series!  Imagine how exciting it would be to see your child’s face as an animated character!

Startheria™ is a fantasy world where good battles evil, secret codes abound, and children use avatars to fly around, interact and play online games in the virtual world on the web.  The characters and stories teach children ethics, values and how their actions affect those around them and they learn tools to believe in themselves and so they can achieve their dreams through the stories and upcoming Secret Codes. Enter today at

Nanci has surrounded herself with an amazing team of premiere children’s entertainment industry artists, an Emmy nominated children’s writer and an Emmy award-winning producer. Nickelson initially roughed out her fantasy world and attended an entertainment industry trade show Mipcom Junior in Cannes France and received a number of co-production financing offers for the animated TV series from reputable domestic and international entertainment companies.  The Startheria™ franchise will be expanding into books, toys and other retail products after the launch of the Web/TV series.

A little on the first story “Startheria™ – The Quest For The Lost Secret Codes”…on an isolated planet known as Terra–or, as its inhabitants, call it, Earth–a young girl named Hope and little brother are taken in by their eccentric aunt after their parents’ perplexing disappearance. Everything changes when Hope finds an old letter in the attic, written in 1836 but addressed to her in the 21st Century, and next, a mysterious ring literally falls into her hands–just as the letter predicted would happen. Little does she know that this strangely beautiful, intertwined ring, which covers her entire finger, holds the power of universal domination…and the forces of evil will stop at nothing to get it back…meanwhile, on a distant world called Startheria™ four recent graduates from the Academy have just received their coveted Code Rings…

Nanci has a true passion and dedication to the well being of our nation’s children and helping children domestically and internationally with safe clean water, food and education. Nanci’s goal is to enhance the quality of children’s lives and plans to donate a percentage of all promotions and products for programs that help children.