Startheria Kids Casting Call

What could be more exciting than seeing your child’s, grandchild’s or niece or nephew’s face as an animated character in a new Web/TV series! Lot’s of brands want to place your child in a print ad or maybe a commercial but imagine seeing your little cutie’s face as an animated character. Startheria™ is a new virtual world for kids and will be developing it’s web and tv episodes which is why we thought it would be fun to get families involved with entering their little cutie! If you have been interested in getting your child into modeling this would be a good first step and all you have to do is upload four photographs.

When you enter our kids talent search your child receives a free membership for two months! Your child can play our dressup game and create it’s own avatar and explore the virtual world in Startheria™ and chat with friends.

Startheria™ is a virtual world where kids learn about having a life of love, hope, peace and joy! They can meet the Startheria™ characters, explore locations, and learn the secret codes which is a code of conduct that teaches them about the choices they have to make in life. Wise Old Codas teaches the Book of Secret Codes and will have ongoing lessons about the secret codes and life!

The Magical World of Startheria™ will be an online game, a trading card game and secret codes toys and custom character t-shirts will be showing up soon.

We can’t wait to see your little cutie! After we finish our kids casting call we will be adding more to the virtual world and then begin production of our web series and distribution for the TV series. Hope you will be a part of it because it is going to be fun.

Learn more and enter today