Our Children’s Dreams

I don’t think that anything is more important then empowering your child to have the life they dream of. I was really young when my son was born and I wish I had known more about empowering him.

The Magical World of Startheria is a safe place where children can come to play online games, actually become an animated character, submit their music, lyrics and ideas for games, quests, stories and new characters for our world and see themselves or their creation come to life. Children will eventually have their own location within the web site where they can collect the things they earn from Startheria and make donations to children that need help in other parts of the world. Giving, sharing and caring brings amazing joy!

We’re working on the final development of the Book of Secret Codes which are the dark and light codes the kids can collect to earn points that teach them about the choices we make in life. What feels right in your heart and what doesn’t and to follow that so they can have a blissful life full of success, friends, peace and joy. What you say, think and what you do matters.

Startheria is about teaching children how to have a life of love, hope, peace and joy. The Startheria book series is about The Quest for the Lost Secret Codes and the Startherians along with the help of a girl on earth named Hope and her best friend Ryan work together to find and return the dark secret codes to their rightful place in Startheria! We have the first book written and are looking for a great editor.

We’re presently conducting a kids casting call to find four magical children of different nationalities to become animated characters in our upcoming Web/TV series….can’t wait to see your little cutie! http://www.startheria.com

We would love to hear your ideas on empowering children to achieve their dreams and anyone that has books, programs or products that are about this theme and ways we can empower each other.

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